The Informanagement concept

Content is key when communicating with clients but gone are the days that one size fits all. We are in a time of information overload, where people are looking for relevant information in a manageable way.

Informanagement provides content to accountancy firms in the form of articles which cover changing tax, accountancy and business advisory regulations, legislation and precedent setting cases.

Firms can use this content as a marketing tool and for client communication.

The Informanagement system drives the services we provide.

The essence of Informanagement is our online portal that we have developed. This system houses all of our articles that we write each week and push out through a variety of medias including email, print, website and social. With the newsletters this allows us to create ‘profiles’ for individual recipients filtering out content that is not relevant to them.

Our content is industry specific – written for accountants, by accountants.