History of Informanagement

Jan Wanders started in 1994, as an accountant, writing paper based newsletters. His aim was to provide accountancy firms with up-to-date tax information which they could pass on to their clients and staff members. This resulted in the development of a successful concept that was given a contemporary interpretation to this need: “A practical information resource which retains the identity of the accountancy firm”.

Soon it became clear that sending out this type of newsletters was a good way to strengthen the relationship between accountant and client. Because of the rising popularity of the internet, the first version of the Informanagement system was introduced into the market in 2002. Informanagement developed intelligent software, capable of sending information towards clients and employees of accountancy firms, that is client focused and filters out the unnecessary information. The online database is the heart of Informanagement. This database is filled with up-to-date information covering changing legislation, regulations and precedent setting cases across all aspects of tax, accountancy, corporate governance and employment law. Informanagement is using an in-house team of editorial experts who summarise the articles into readable documents. The summary of the articles is used for the newsfeed on the website, monthly email newsletters for clients and weekly email newsletters for members of staff of the accountancy firms.

The Informanagement offices in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom are running smoothly. Now we are ready and open for new offices in other territories. We want the world to get to know Informanagement and Informanagement to get to know the world. We want to achieve global success! The next step for Informanagement is Franchising. Are you up for the challenge? Take the next step together with us. Please leave your contact details and we will get in touch.

Franchise Request information

“Informanagement United Kingdom was launched in the year 2008. Starting small, however with lots of enthusiasm and expertise, the team has developed and evolved, with a client base of over 500 accountancy practices across the whole of the UK ” Laurence Vogel Head of Informanagement UK operations