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Franchise profile

Starting an Informanagement franchise means you will be on the road to becoming an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is totally different from a regular job. You are an entrepreneur for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are the contact person for your employees and your customers, always looking for opportunities and improvements. The urge to grow plays a central role in your career. You define the targets, it gives you a kick to reach those with your team and even exceed them. Achieving profit is your responsibility. Therefore you set high standards for yourself and are not too easily satisfied.

It is an advantage if you have experience within the accountancy market. You understand the importance of customized information, direct sales, satisfied employees and, above all, you pursue the highest possible customer satisfaction.

As a franchisee, you are responsible for one or more areas. You are an entrepreneur and are able to help within the company. You are passionate about direct sales and you love customer contact. You are good at networking and building long-term relationships with existing and new customers. You are a commercial talent and eager to deliver our customers the best possible service.

Entrepreneurship means a lot of effort, especially in the early years. You know how to deal with adversity because you always think in terms of possibilities, are persistent and continue where others stop.

As a franchisee of Informanagement you will become an entrepreneur. You’re both legally and economically independent and responsible for your own company. You start a private company, arrange the right insurances and permits and become part of the Informanagement International team. You will be responsible for your own sales team and other staff members. They work for you and rely on your coaching and inspiring management style.

Working as a franchisee means you can discuss items, exchange ideas and use best practices with your fellow franchisees. Together we will develop the market for customised information.

Your own Informanagement business

Are you the entrepreneur who fits the above profile? Do you want to join Informanagement International through your own independent company? Take the first step to running your own business by completing the franchise form. After receiving the forms we will get in contact with you. Are you interested in becoming a franchisee at Informanagement? Let yourself become well informed! On this website you will find lots of information. Let’s have an initial discussion to determine whether Informanagement fits you or not. Please get in contact.

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