Franchising is a cooperation method with defined roles, rights and obligations laid down in a franchise agreement. The franchisee and franchisor are jointly responsible for the success of the formula and the cooperation.

Why franchising?

  • You start with a proven formula, benefitting from the gained knowledge of what ‘works’ and what ‘does not work’.
  • You receive support in the areas of marketing, promotion, sales, finance, product range and operations.

Informanagement is committed to develop new products and services.
Our on-going development plan ensures that we utilize the latest technology and changing content to enhance client communication and practice marketing.
Dedication to a single brand and a single system assures that the same core strategy is followed wherever Informanagement operates.

The opportunity

Informanagement International is expanding its business over Europe and the rest of the world.

As the franchisee you should be completely focused on your main goal; introducing Informanagement to the market. Informanagement International will constantly develop new technologies to stay on top of changing trends in the market.

We value continuity and consistency in client management, client relationships, product development and professional appearances.

You can count on our professional support and clear advice. You can make use of an excellent manual, participate in several training sessions and get answers from our experienced team. For your day to day questions you can get in direct contact with Informanagement International. We are at the end of a phone and email – whenever you need us.

The aim of Informanagement is gaining strong brand acquaintance, giving clients reasons to become and remain customer.


Your knowledge of the local market, your customers and your competitor position are just as important. Within the Informanagement contract there will be possibilities to insert your own values. We do what we do best centrally, you do what you do best locally. This is how we, together, make Informanagement a success.

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