Financial nuts & bolts

If you meet the criteria and you want to invest in your own future, you can do that together with Informanagement. You will make your own business plan, with our assistance.

Informanagement International is offering a wide range of products, high profit margins, no development or IT investments and no day to day worries about product development or IT related topics, just focus on growing your Informanagement business.

Here are a few financial details about franchising with Informanagement. Keep in mind, average costs may vary depending on location. Your investment looks something like this;

  • Initial entrance fee
  • Ongoing monthly franchise fee
  • Employee costs for sales and editorial team
  • Transport costs
  • Housing
  • Business Licenses
  • Permits
  • Bonds
  • Ongoing monthly hosting fee

If the costs of the start-up are an issue we have a special program that will help you. We are not afraid to invest in the right people and you should not be afraid either to invest in yourself.

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